Secrets Religion of Shri Agrasen

Yathā patyāśrayō dharma: Strīṇāṁ lōkē sanātana: .
Sadaiva sā gatirnān’yā tathā̕smākaṁ prajāśraya: .

Maharaja Agrasen, while giving his sons the lessons of rajadharma (ruling law) tells that as the women’s natural duty is to serve their husbands, similarly , he also emphasizes that the duty of the husband is to protect the wife, whatever are her necessities, are to be fulfilled by him so that she can enjoy performing her duties. In the same manner, he speaks about the kings and the subject. Both have to reciprocate each other. The kings should provide the subject all their necessary needs and the subject should obey and pay their services towards the state. It means that the king should serve his subject.


Agravishwa trust: for newly building ‘blissful-World’

Therefore Agravishwa trust take important Vowing for new construction of the world, overall global awareness of the of the consciousness of the ideals of Shri Agrasen, work has begun as the first attempt- to awaken self-pride.

Only shout or preach of doctrine is not enough for human progress; But is required – the proper implementation of these principles, Such a Superhuman Shri Agrasen whose life-spell is ‘Sarvalōkahitō dharmaḥ’ Agrasen’s life character displays intuitive and obvious method the proper implementation of public welfare doctrine.With intellectual, full responsibility and scientific method teaches the Art of living- Joy full life?

Also, give cause for confidence – while addressing the turbulent world of heterogeneous problems, to fulfill the goal of human life meaningful.

In the human world will be surely Extra terrestrials peace, prosperity and development of humanity and dispel the darkness of inertia, with reconstruction of the grand dream building’s of the divine will, as- ”Vasudhaiva kuṭumbakama” since – Real welfare of the gross world.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’