Sentiments of Mystics 8

Sri Agrabhagwat Relevant and authentic life story of superhuman Agrasen

— Dr. Harish naval


Respected Bedilji enthroned on the head of God Like sandalwood tilak

World-fem Eminent Scholar in Hindi Dr.Harish Naval analyzed the one by one many aspects of Sri Agrabhagwat seriously, He stating that Sri Agrabhagwat correspond to the needs of the modern era. The life values of Shri Agrasen are eternal that cannot die and which cannot denial.
Perhaps Mark could not imagine the fate of the Commune, which Agrasen was applied as the parity principle in his state. He is the father of the cooperative movement.
Whether a matter of economics or it may be Republic, Agrasen had not only imagined, but he made it his life act, and established norm. Policies, Law, religion, decorous, values; Whatever he had not like in the interest of humanity, He become revolutionary uprising against them without any hesitation.

In the interest of all public life, an ideal character seems to be present age needed. This is completed today by Venerable Shri Bedilji. It is an arduous task could be done by Bedil only.

The unique story of Sri Agrasen the entire life of conflict, Though Rama and Krishna are our adorable, but in moments of conflict, some decisions of them cannot be valid.

We cannot forgive Ram, for in the witch condition they left to Sita. While many acts done by Lord Krishna, on the name of policy that cannot be accepted. But, Not a single incident in the life of Agrasen, for which he could be standing in the dock.

Today at the time of release of the relevant and authentic life story of such ideal and age-visionary superhuman Agrasen we are feeling proud. Gross human society will remain debtor of Respected Shri Bedilji as well as Tulsi.

Downright unavailable, rare this treatise rendering in authentic Sanskrit and folklore Hindi, with research, simple, comprehensible, by Sri Bedilji is not only welcoming but Plausible also.

The labor, discipline, sacrifice, and dedication of Sri Bedilji have shown Agra-path for the welfare of the world. Respected Bedilji enthroned on the head of God like sandalwood tilak.

– Dr. Harish Naval
Gyanpeeth Awardee