International Sanskrit Conference 3


On this occasion to see everyone’s curiosity Dr. Ramkrishn Pujari, president Sanskrit Bharti, Vidarbh said- that many of our country extremely rich in Vedic texts property lost during the period of foreign Rulers. Our Saints, Rishi, and Muni are clairvoyant of epoch. They were aware, So they adopted the method of writing from the juices of fruits and flowers, which will be invisible.

Dr. Pujari done a critical analysis of the economic policy, secret policy, religion, politics, the social sciences, Justice policy, management system and unique arrangement of parity of Shri Agrasen.

Indicating the importance of Vidarbha proud, he said- that the mother of Shri Agrasen Ji was the daughter of Vidarbha (Vidrbknya)and fortunately invaluable asset Sri Agrabhagwatam is with Sri Bedilji is only in Vidarbha.

He proposed to the scholars to gather in the huge task for universal welfare.