Persuador of Nonviolance: Shri Agrasen

The Foundations of virtue life temple, is – nonviolence. Welfare of Individuals, or Universal not possible, without – nonviolence. Humans can imagine which highest human ideal that is – nonviolence.

In the heart of Shri Agrasen was existing compassion and attachment not only for mankind but for all animates and tendency.

With the advice of Maharishi Gargya, Shri Agrasen went to Naglok (East-India) after getting the is traction by Maharishi Uddaloka, Shri Agrasen went away Manipur. In the temple of Hatkeshwaram Agrasen entered the sanctum and prayed god Shiva by falling in his feet, then went to the garden and slept below the tree for some time.

The Nagkanya entered the water of the pond to enjoy the bath. Moving from end to end in the lake of garden. At that time there came a cattle including cows with calves and bulls it came there for drinking water and they surrounded the lake. At the same time a cruel tiger also reached the lake roaring. The roar of the tiger made the cows and calves tremble with fear and the cattle frightened became calm.

Sa dr̥ṣṭvā cintayitvā̕gra: Sadya: Satyaparākrama: .
Śrēṣṭhō dhanuṣmatāṁ vīrō dayābhāvasamīrita: .

Observing it, Agrasen who had laid there for rest felt that the protection of the cows was necessary. Being a great warrior and valiant but kind heated, Agrasen decided to protect the cows.

Rarakṣa vidhinā gāśca bāṇairvyāghramatāḍayat.
Śarasannicayasthō̕yaṁ taṁ gāva: Paryavārayan.

In order to protect / save the cows, he shoot the arrows so that the tiger was cordoned with the arrows. With this one action only, he freed the cows, the Nagkanyas and tiger.

There cannot be any other example of love towards all animates and tendency towards their protection in this world. By not killing the tiger, Agrasen, showed that kindness is a great quality of the brave. This action of Agrasen is the best example of humanity and divinity of his mind.

Acclamation of nonviolence so often hears, but just like a parrot Rant. Resonance of – nonviolence is not a requirement of temples crocodile but, it should be there where violence is naked dancing. In legendary India when Sacrifices were prevalent Pshubli’ to get Spiritual nature of the heaven, at that time Sri Agrasen adopted the practice of virtue theory of non-violence in Sacrifice Animal-violence( Pshubli) comprehensive curbed.

Sri Agrasen do not preach/ sermon about nonviolence but make it as a life deed and no hesitation to revolt arrangements to those prevailing somewhat, such revolutionist Sri Agrasen rejected Animal-violence ( Pshubli) in Sacrifice. Sri Agrasen said-

Yajñārthaṁ paśava: Sr̥ṣṭā: Svayamēva svayambhuvā.
Yajñaśca bhūtyai sarvasya tasmādyajñē vadhō̕vadha: .

Rishis responded and said, “O, Rajan! What you say is true. But as Brahma he has said that in order to get a desired effect of the yajdyna the beasts are to be scarified. The animals are created by god for this purpose only. So sacrificing the beast is almost equal to non-violence.”

The animals sacrificed in the yajdyna and vegetative (products) substances and the micro organisms killed in the fire (Agni) all go to heaven.” Hearing this King Agrasen has fueled a compassionate heart, after listening to, answered with the instinctive feeling and doubtless mind.

When Compassion is the innocent then spill become tears but when Compassion creates capacity then counter become rebellion as for meditate raises the questions.

That Question of revolutionist Sri Agrasen is today also shakan to all world.

He replied with full reference to shrutis…….

Vr̥kṣānśchitvā paśūn hatvā kr̥tvā rudhirakardamam.
Yadyēvaṁ gamyatē svargē narakē kēna gamyatē.

Whose are cutting the trees, Killing animals and those souls who had never done anything wrong to wards. If the soul performing such a disgusting act goes to heaven, who will go to hell?

“O, Respected Rishis! According to me, those who act only on the religiously bounds laws without thinking on the effects of such an act are also Anarya. May be he belongs to the highest order of pandits but such a person’s though are supposed to be pious, in fact they are not so.”

Shri Agrasen said,”O, Maharshi! Those souls, which are to be protected, are scarified in the yajdyna in order to fulfill desires of the human beings. This cannot in any case be justified the killing of animals is a sin. How can we get a place in heaven with such a sinful act? When your heart suffers with sinful ejection while alive ? In fact one will have to pay for this type of cruel deeds after death and may go to hell.

Shri Agrasen said,”O, Maharshi ! I am strictly against of killing those animals for our selfish needs. The sacrificial beasts had never done anything revengeful against us. And even then we kill these helpless creatures for sacrifice in the fire. It is the duty of the warrior’s race to prefect others and not to kill them.”

Only scriptures and modes based on them does not help to propagate the religion. Killing someone without enmity / (killing those souls who had never done anything wrong towards you)” The killing of animals for the sacrifice may be the prescribed mode of scripture, non-violence is the device, which is to be adopted for the human hood. I have the opinion that non-violence is for better to become the public religion.”

Svaśarīramapī parārthē ya: Khalu dadyādayācita: Kr̥payā.
Svasukhasya kr̥tē ca kathaṁ prāṇīvadhakrauryamanuman’yē.

Shri Agrasen said,”O, Great risis, souls next gods! I am ready to sacrifice this body of mine for the sake of benevolence. How can I allow the killing of the innocent souls may it be of animals?”

When the risis said,”O, Rajan, Agrasen! There is nothing sinful for the Kshatriyas (warrior race). If you don’t complete the yajdyna the the unfinished rituals of the yajdyna, then (yajdnyangas) it will be defective and it will surely be dangerous for your progeny and your subject also. both can get destroyed.”

I think that only scriptures and modes based on them does not help to propagate the religion. The killing of animals for the sacrifice may be the prescribed mode of scripture, non-violence is the device which is to be adopted for the human hood. I have the opinion that non-violence is for better to become the public religion.” I will never allow the killing of the innocents in yajdyna for sacrifice. sinful to act according to its norms, assigned to it. By doing so I wish to protect my subject from falling prey to my actions as a warrior race.”

Satyapratiśravā: Sō̕haṁ vaiśyadharmaṁ nu pālayē.
Prajānāmānr̥śansyārthaṁ vaiśyaṁ rājyaṁ vratōttamam.

Shri Agrasen continued, “I vow with the truthful mind and declare here that hence forward I shall follow the Vaishya customs and will be belonging to that varna / race. I shall rule my subject by the religious rule as prescribed in scriptures. I shall protect, nurture my subject and get it prospered. I shall be compassionate, sympathetic towards all creatures and advise my subject to act likewise.”

Thus It is fortunate that Agrasen renounced. his racial identity of (warrior) heroism. He adopted the non-violent way of living for benevolence as the religion of his people. Thereby he abandoned the cruel violence in the yajdynas. After entirety of the sacrifice Shri Agrasen said to his sons and loved ones, indicating the importance of non-violence-

Ahinsā sarvabhūtānāṁ nityamasmāsu rōcatē.
Pratyakṣata: Sādhayāmō na parōkṣamupāsmahē.

You should never follow violent deeds/ actions. Through mind and through your words also you should not hurt anyone then you will become a real devotee. your whole dealings of the life should be based on non-violence. Don’t just speak about non-violence, bring it in your daily practice. Cultivate it in your personality. Then only you can enjoy peace and have whole hearted sensitivity towards all creatures gods had created in this universe.

To mere creature of kindness, compassion, non-violence to the spirit of sacrifice to replace karma, this example is unique in the world, where else?

Violence prevailing in this toxic environment in the light of Karma Yogi Shri Agrasen’s non-violence, extraterrestrials live conscious of the world are invited to establish in our efforts.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’