(A Deemd International University)

(for masculine energy)


To decorate the Destiny is Required – Efforts.
This world is not vacuous.
with conformity of Shri Agrasen with our efforts We can create this world as Blissful paradise.

Sucitraṁ sukhasampūrṇa nityōtsava vibhūṣitam.

Vditīyamiva vaikuṇṭhaṁ sthāpitaṁ viṣṇunā hi tat.

The best conduct is , provider of – meaning, religion, work of salvation.

The masculine energy of the world undermining due to inferiority of conduct. Human society is not well Sophisticated so for obsessed with debauchery become tired, restless and unhappy.

Entrance to the path of joy – the healthy body, happy mind, fertile brain.

Obtained In a state of 3 to 7 years- knowledge, consciousness, values and conduct and mature at the age of 7 to 16, and they become the basis of life.

Scientific experts of the ‘Agravishwa-Gyanpeth’ (A International University) knowledge provided by Indian sages – Maharishies and saints and advanced science research has been done in a method of education for masculine energy. For newly consecrated to the of the world -Healthy, strong and well Sophisticated.

To reach resolution village to village through the branches of Agravishwa Trust, surely, will be the basis of establishment of golden age.( Swarnimayug.)

It is also a Principal organ of the Agravishwa Trust.