Basis of Universal peace and Blissful life : Shri


Today the whole world is disturbed in search of peace. The present global conditions not dissimilar to era of transition; today virtually required – resurgence of ancient civilization. Whose foundation is: compassion?

By dint of which a normal person can be found naturally the exuberant paradise by own conduct.

The aim of the human life is perfection to acquire sat-chit- an and become part of parcel of it. Man is god himself deep in his bring but he has forgotten about this reality and has lost his way due to the greed towards materialistic life. He has lost the peace of mind, sanctity and truthfulness. But there comes the times, due to the divesting effect of the time many treatises have been destroyed when he comes in the contact of satguru, who reminds him of his original godly state. He also tells him why and how he had deviated from that godly state and initiates him to regain that original state. ‘Bhagawat’ the part of Bhagawan in words is the literature relating to gods Bhagwat is the success song of the god.

The biography of the whole life of Shri Agrasen is to be followed. In each phase of his life he has presented a rightful way of behaviour, physical and mental so as to acquired temporal and celestial bliss.

That was the time of the end of the Dwaparyug (era) and the approaching of Kaliyuga. As Emperor Parikshit was ruling with justice. Thereafter his son Janamejaya was coroneted as an emperor. When Janmijaya knows about the cause of the death of his father (the bite of Takshak) he made enquires about the incidents among his countries. Janamejaya developed a severe of Revenge and he performed a Yagdnya called Nagsatra, after that king Janamejaya insisted on performing Ashwamedha Yagdhyna, when Maharshi Vyas knew about it, he personally met Janamejaya to prevent him for his decision. He tried his best to convince Janamejaya that the very Ashwamsdha Yagdhyna was the cause of the Mahabharat war in which divested thousands of warriors. Janamejaya full of arrogant pride paid no need to the earned advice of the age old great rishi and commenced the ashwamedha yagdhyna. Janamajaya developed a feeling of suspicion that the Indra had entered the dead body of the horse and enjoyed sex with the queen. The king cursed Indra, declared wife Vaspustama unchaste betrayer and drove her away from the Kingdom. He also abused the performers of the yagdnya.

Sacintya ghōramatyantaṁ śānntiṁ na prāpnutē kṣaṇam.
Cintāśōkaparītātmā man’yunā janamējaya: .

Dynasty of Emperor Janamejaya, was deeply possessed by the grief hanging with the eventful moment in his past life, that he would not enjoy peace even for a fraction of a second. Deeply immersed in the woeful worries, he could not eat well, sleep well or do anything’s for his physical needs.

Tat sāmarṣaṁ śōcamānam krudhdaṁ pārikṣitaṁ nr̥pam.
Vyāsāśiṣyō vēdavit sa vaca: Prōvāca jaimini: .

Looking him in that mood of the stunning heart stopping weo distress, Jaiminiji, the favorites disciple of Maharishi Vyas who was proficient in the Knowledge of vedas spoke the many divine ordeals of Shri Agrasen to the pitiful Janamejaya. That story of Lord Agrasen is- The ‘SRIMAD AGRABHAGAVATAM’.

Ēvaṁ rājā sampraṇītō miththyā vyāśaṅikatātmanā.
Cakāra śāntiṁ paramāṁ nr̥dharmaṁ janamējayāt.

The valiant saga of the whole life of Shri Agrasen is able to communicate in today’s world to life. In each phase of life he guides a rightful way of behavior, physical and mental. Maharishi Jaimini said-

Ētadāścaryamākhyānaṁ mayā prōktaṁ sukhāvaham.
Mānavaṁ dharmamāsthāya kathā puṇyā prabōdhitā.

King Janamejaya, who was dejected and was confused about what to do, was advised by Maharishi Jaimini with the biographical narration of king Agrasen, Janamejaya received back courage and interest in life and became dutiful toward the people.

This mysterious biography provides happiness. This is the most pious and divine story of humanely.”

Life of the world to prevent the boat from sinking into the vortex of misery superhuman character Shri Agrasen the bright light is present in the form of a column.

Distinction of being awakened in the human is human, and then automatically leads to distortions loosely. Is required – knowledge of ourselves.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’