Sentiment of Mystics 1

he divine – character of Shri Agrasen regarding the amazing knowledge of blissful life

— Dr. Ramkrushna Pujari

Congratulate to shri Ramgopal Bedil for this rightful long awaited publishing pious character of Maharaja Agrasen For blissful-World


Today the human race and individual human being is following wrong concepts. He has last the original vision of truth has become extremely selfish and knowingly or unknowingly adopting wrong norms of life, So he is becoming weak day by day morally.

It is a time when the society need strong belief for rightful understanding for peaceful and truthful life, so as to acquire the godly qualities and practice as values to imbibed in his personality. For it, the reading of the autobiographical treatise of Agrasen is a right way to be followed. Let it is be read as a sacrarium book, I suggest.

When one become ill, the doctor cures him, the physical bodily disturbance can be got rid through medicines which contain A.B.C.D. etc. Vitamin similarly to get rid of the illness in the society, the valuable and powerful character of Agrasen would prove as vitamin and the body of the social bein

g would again become full of fearlessness, knowledge, eagerness to work in rightful ways.

By reading of the pious character of Maharaja Agrasen will surely enhance the forgotten glorious aim of the human race.

I Congratulate my younger brother shri Ramgopal Bedil for this rightful long awaited publishing of the treatise.

— Dr. Ramkrushna Pujari
President, Sanskrit Bharati
Vidarbha Region