International Sanskrit Conference 1

The divine texts is miracles of saints – Mr. Rudbergn

In International Sanskrit Conference, distinguished scholar of Sanskrit Mr. Rudbergn of German were overwhelmed to see the texts Agrabhagwatam’s supernatural vision and he urged him to take it in his hands from Shri Ramgopal Ji Bedil.

Mr Rudbergn takes the texts Agrabhagwatam in his hands, he becomes jubilant . He takes numerous information from Dr.pankaj Chande and Dr. Rambhau Pujari. He said- I have seen many texts in my lives, have done their study, contemplation and contemplation. But I may say that This story is the basis of the immortality. And today, I received the the supernatural sensations of the original texts in my hands, will remain unforgettable for me. I have seen first time in my life, this type of supernatural and divine texts. The treatise is miracles of saints. At that time Mr. Rudbergan has done warm honor of Sri Bedilji.