Exponent of – God is One: Shri Agrasen

Due to the current global turmoil demerits fanaticism and human history is tarnished. Yen that every person says – God is the one, but still vain arrogant, using redundant logic, to proven the best he, insulting others, these demerits are not today only but existed in ancient time also.

Demerits of fanaticism of Salivates and Vaishnav’s, fierce alternates and bloodshed from misconduct, human history are forever tarnished.

Caught in the maelstrom of confusion Nagas, Sri Agrasen described the law of God, nature of God revealed by an analysis including intuitive facts –

“O, Nagendra! As the knowledge (wisdom) and devotion are not different, the knowledge without devotion is not possible. So also devotion and knowledge also go hand in hand. Lord Shiva is a symbol and a source of knowledge (knowledge of self Atmagyana) similarly Lord Vishnu is adored by devotion, which begets knowledge.

“In this way, O Nagendra! Keeping away the three qualities of manifestation (Maya is Cosmic magician) or illusion the formalness and quantities manifestation called is Shiva. The Shiva when gets attached by Prakruti that manifestation is “Vishnu”. There is no difference between Shiv and Vishnu as Shiva is gold itself and Vishnu the manifestation is the ornament created from that gold. So (Ishwar) God is one and one only.”

Yathaikaēva sūryō̕yaṁ jyōtirnānārcyatē janaiḥ.
Jalādi ca viśēṣēṇa dr̥ṣyatē tattathaiva tau.

“O, Pannagapati! There is one sun but in the disturbed water many reflections of the sun are seen. In the someway the parampita parmatma / supreme father is seen in differently forms definately, Basically God {Ishwar) is one and one only.”

The word Urdhavareta has one meaning – sage or ascetic; and the other meaning is one who is looking upward. Both of them can see the sun (Ishwar) but one, who is sitting on the shore of the sea, sees the sun in each and every wave. In the same manner man, whose mind is not silent and is not calm i.e. without waves of thoughts he cannot see the Ishwar (God) in one and one form only. When with penance, his mind is calmed and becomes peaceful is a without waves of thoughts, he can get one and one image of Ishwar (God).

Shri Agrasen with his philosophy, different religious philosophies, including the esoteric secrets analyze natural phenomena, from the second epoch to epoch Shaiv-vaishnav acrimony and hostility, converted into a close friendship.

For today’s toxic fanaticism environment of the world, the biography of Shri Agrasen is the most inspiring, is relevant is guide to mankind.

Along with a picture of ‘Maharaja Agrasen’ please, his contemplation of the divine character, try to publish it, we have the humble.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’