Descendant of lord Rama : Shri Agrasen

“Shri Agrasen was the most important king among all the kings on the earth…I tell you ordeals, of Shri Agrasen,” Maharishi Jaminiji Said to King Janmejaya.

Ikṣvākukulajānāṁ hi śudhdānāṁ vanśa ādita: .
Na śakyatē vistarēṇa vaktumēkēna vatsarai: .

Jaiminiji Said, “O, Noble King Janmejaya, you know that the Ikshwaku dynasty is supposed to be one of the initial dynasty. It is the purest and the knobbiest dynasty. To describe any one king from this dynasty is impossible. (It is known that some of the members of this dynasty are described in different chapters separately in Puranas (with their glorious deeds) which are available.

King Janamejaya Knower of all scriptures and mythology, including the Vedas, Shasta’s and Puranas and all were the great men of Major Referring to Ikshwakukul so for Maharishi Jaimini say shortly –

Kirtimantō hi māndhātā, dilīpō̕tha bhagīratha: .
Raghu: Kakutstha: Sagarō maruttō nr̥pa rāghava: .

In this dynasty of Ikshwaku, Maharaja Mandhata, Maharaja Dilip, Bhagirath, Kukustya, Maharaja Marutta, Maharaja Raghu, Bhagwan Shri Ram etc. had been born, all of whom were famous. (The stories of who have guided and enlightened the people through their lawful behavior)

In this gloriously radiant dynasty were born godlike five sons of Agnivarna, three among whom expanded the race. They increased the fame of the Suryakul. (Surya Dynasty) The son of Vishwasaha named Prasenjit constructed an undefeated sate. He had a brave son named Vrishatsen.Just as in the family of Vajranabha, son of Maharaja Maru Vruhatdwal was born, and similarly in the family of Vrihatsen, Vallabhasen was born.

Bhagavattyāṁ vallabhēna prāptō vanśakara: Suta: .
Manuṣyāgryasya yasyāsīt kāntiścandrasamō yathā.

Queen Bhagawati begot a son from the great human soul Vallabhasen (who became symbol through his behavior for his descendants) the son was radiant like moon.

Atītyaikādaśāhaṁ tu nāmakarma tadā̕bhavat.
Agrasēna iti prīta: Purōdhā nāma cākarōt.
Śrutē̕tha śastrē śāstrē ca parēṣāṁ jīvanē tathā .
Cakrē dhātōrarthayōgād agranāmnā̕̕tmasambhavam..

When eleven days passed after the birth, the name giving – ceremony was performed. The chief Brahmin (Purohit) named the child “Agrasen” with great pleasure. (The name was rather different than the guide lines in the horoscope) The word in the name ‘Agra’ was decisively chosen by the purohit, so that the child in his life would cross the limits of Shastras (Science and Philosophy) and shastras of weapons the word Agra denotes the quality as surpassing. He will be pioneer the name of the child was thus properly chosen.

Janmēdam agrasēnasya cēkṣvākō: Vanśavardhanam.

Maharishi Jaimini Said to Janmejaya ” O, Religious King! Listens the famous story Shri AGRASEN the of dynasty of Lord Shri RAM and details about the birth of shri Agrasen.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’