Proponent of Women Dignity: Shri Agrasen

When the Swayamvara Madhavi (girl who had chosen the husband of her choice) daughter of Nagraj Mahidhar, garlanded the bride gloom, Agrasen; by being very full raising herself on her toes. The garland was made of multicolored, sweet-smelling flowers. By the act she declared herself as the wife of Agrasen, then Nagraj Mahidhar brought forth his other daughters and requested Agrasen to accept them too as his wives, through the ritualistic mantras.

Listening the requested of Nagaraj! Agrasen got agitated and replied.

Kathaṁ nu vā manasvin’yā: Mādhavyā: Pāṇipaṅgkajam.
Gr̥hītvā nāgaduhitu: Lōkē̕dharmaṁ carāmyaham.

“O Nagraj! I am a person having control on my mind and passion. I behave according to public concepts of Lokacharya (religious manners of the laymen) I have married your daughter Madhavi and so I cannot marry anyone else here after.”

Aniyōjyē niyōgē māṁ na nibhuṅkṣva mahāmatē.
Bhagin’yō dharmatō yā mē tatsparśaṁ tvaṁ kathaṁ vadē:.

“O learned soul, Nagendra! You are asking me to perform unlawful actions, which is totally impossible. The sisters of my wife are to be treated as sisters according to religious norms. How are you asking me to accept them?”

Sri Agrasen’s feelings are evident from the above statement, assuming the inequity, he politely requested to Nagendra –

Adharmāt pāhi nāgēśa māṁ dharmaṁ pratipādaya.

“O, sinless Nagendra! You should not please save me from being unlawful. I wish to behave according to religious norms.”

Thus Nagendra see to Sri Agrasen the determined strong religious path, made a failed attempt too many types seducer, seduce, and persuade. Ultimately basis of the context of Dropdi, sarcasm he said –

Nr̥pasya bahavyō vihitā mahiṣyō lōkasam’matā:.
Śrūyantē bahava: Punsa: Ēkasyā: Patayō̕pi ca.

“O, Rajan! The Kings of Vaishnav’s (human race) have many wives. It is their traditional custom. But we have also heard that in the human race the beautiful women too have many husbands (that means there is polygamy and polymer) Is it not true?”

“O Narendra! I permit you for many marriages. You should not worry at all! You get married to these girls one by one. You should not make much ado about sin and virtue, justice. Injustice or what people may say in this miller?”

Agrasen propounded his own determination of the dignity of women in categorical terms –

Adharmō̕yaṁ matō mē̕dya virud’dhō lōkagar’hita: .
Tatō̕haṁ na karōmyēvaṁ vyavasāyaṁ kriyāṁ prati.

Shri Agrasen said, “O Nagraj! What are you asking me to do, is injustice it is a non religious behavior according to me. It is not wise even from the point of view of well – being of the people. I can never do it.”

Ātmanō ya: Śrutō dharma: Sa dharmō rakṣati prajā: .
Śarīraṁ lōkayātrāṁ ca dhanaṁ svargamr̥ṣīn pitr̥n.

“O Nagraj! Wife is the half body of her husband. It is said so, in the shruti. Without half body the wife protects according to religion, subject (Praja) body, public-life, wealth, heaven, rishs and the dead ancestors.”

Kr̥tadārō̕smi nāgēndra bhāryēyaṁ dāyitā mama.
Puruṣāṇāṁ ca nārīṇāṁ sudu:Khā sasapatnatā.

“O Nagendra! I have already married Madhavi, My wife is present at my side. To resist the thought of a co-wife is unbearable to women. It is not only difficult for wives but for the husbands also.”

Agrasen propounded his own determination of the dignity of women in categorical terms –

Na cān’yāsāṁ patirahaṁ satyamētat vacō mama.

“I cannot marry anyone else than Madhavi, this is my firm decision.”

Maharishi Jaimini said, to Maharaja Janmejaya, that the marriage of Madhavi and Agrasen was a union of two races naga and Arya which also established the moral though that woman is not just a means of enjoying lust, but means for enjoying with her a life of companionship and it should be accepted as a secret vow. How can anyone describe exactly what this marriage will prove in the future. It was unique happening which had not been heard before. Therefore it was a unique and wonderful (happening) event, I had ever seen.

During that period the practice of the enjoyment plaintiff culture polygamy Great human Shri Agrasen restricted polygamy. He contributed to uphold the Dignity of women, all the human societies Shri Agrasen is only revolutionary inspirational lighthouse.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’