Inimitable in World

॥Śrīmad Agrabhāgavatam ॥

The Grantha

Maharishi Jemini written this part of the text Jaybharat, which was extinct for centuries, is on Bhojptron which are thinner than paper thin, light than flower petals, the script on Bhojptron is invisible, marvelous, supernatural and divine texts is incomparable in the world.

Honorable Shri Ramgopal Agarwal, known as “Bedilji” providing esteemed by a proven Maharishi’s hand, in very mysterious circumstances on August 9, 1991 this Age visionary, Life story of Sri Agrasen which was Extinct for centuries, for Welfare of all.

Bijagranth is on which Bhojptron are even lighter and finer than flower petals, Inscribed in indelible characters in the script which is instant story, and script letters in water wet (Jalabhishekh) be clear and legible on the invisible characters are emerging.



Pleased with the important people sharing in a public offering, the first in its current Sanskrit verses in the script, scripting, and they needed to bind. To the mass public can reach the ideal offered sage words of Pujya Shri Bedilji quote from duty fully devote his body, mind, wealth and life to success. This super natural and divine work for universal Welfare.


The Fortune

With the eternal grace of goddess Mahalakshmi, Divine light of Shri Agrasen Ji, Blessings of Maharishi Jaimini, venerable guidance of Sadguru Shri Brij Mohan Ji Goutam, and Agarwal society’s Mystics, distinguished scholars and personalities with auspicious thinking, the Tenacity full 20 years of continuous dedication of Pujya Sri Bedilji, with painstaking efforts to brought an access to this nectar-like river Ganga – Shrimad Agrabhagavatam, for the welfare of the whole world.


The Basis of Peaceful and Blissful Life

Shrimad Agrabhagavatam is an immortal and indestructible Bhagwat Soul of Sri Agrasen with the evidence of their properties, deeds, witness of the influence and ideals.

This divine life story of Shri Agrasen, said by Maharishi Jamini the main disciples of the Maharishi Vyas to disturbed Emperor Janmejay for display the path of the peace and joy full life. By simulating and pursuit Emperor Janmejay received in this world the ultimate renown and after completion of age received ultimate salvation.

For today’s turbulent world this divine life story of Shri Agrasen, Definitely will form the basis of peace and blissful life.

Let this narrative be blissful to all.