Significance of Śrī Agrabhāgavatam
by Sages

The stories from Shrimad Agrabhagwat (Shri Agropakhyanm), were retold to the son of parikshiti king Janmajaya in order to rule the public and state in a rightful religious way. The principal disciple of Shri Vedvyas, Maharshi Jaimini was the destined story teller. After listening and understanding them, his mind become meditative and there after his perplexed and disturbed mind got pacified and he ruled his people with the great balance and ultimately enjoyed salvation.

Coordinated by the grace of Mother Mahalakshmi, format of God texts of the Divine Grace, The sages indicating the importance of herself

R̥ṣaya ūcu:
Mahālakṣmīvara iva granthō mān’yētihāsaka: .
Taṁ kaścit puṇyayōgēna prāpnōti puruṣōttama: .

The risis said, “Because of the grace of shri Mahalakshmi this story of Agrasen has become worthy of providing success. It is the best among the stories. Any one who has been fortunate due to some good deeds can get pleasure of hearing it.”

Agrākhyānaṁ bhavēdyatra tatra śrī: Savasu: Sthirā.
Kr̥tvābhiṣēkamētasya tata: Pāpai: Pramucyatē.

The risis said, “where the Holy book of shri Agrasen’s life line is preserved, Godness Mahalakshmi settles there. one who worships the godness with the ritualist ‘Abishekh’ while reading this story, will be released from all sins he had performed so far.”

Granthadarśana yōgō̕yaṁ sarvalakṣmīphalaprada: .
Du:Khāni cāsya naśyanti saukhyaṁ sarvatra vindati.

The rishis said, “One who is fortunate will be able to have a look of this Holy book. Mahalakshmi will bestow him with all pleasure in the four duties according to the religion, Just having the sight of the book, one can be happy as all worries of his get finished.”

Darśanēnālamasyātra hyabhiṣēkēṇa kiṁ puna: .
Vilayaṁ yānti pāpāni himavad bhāskarōdayē.

The rishis have said, “All the sins committed are burnt only by the vision of the Holy book, as the ice melts away when there comes the rays of the sun at sun rise. If one performs ‘Jalabhishek’ (bathering of goddess with mantras) provide an added effect.”

Praśasyāṅgōpāṅgayukta: Kalpavr̥kṣasvarūpiṇē.
Mahāsidhdiyuta śrīmadgrōpākhyāna tē nama: .

“This is the Holy book describing the biography of shri Agrasen. It includes all the major events of his life and also the best pious events of his life in detail. so it is kalpvriksha (a tree fulfilling all desires) It provides the eight siddhis ( mystic -facilities). we bow to this book again and again with dedication and respect.”

©- Ramgopal Agrawal ‘Bedil’