Sentiments of Mystics 9

Authentic and historical significance will be replaced of Sri Agrasen

डॉं.पंकज चांदे

Greetings from the heart to Sri ‘Bedilji’ who enhance the historical importance of Agrasen Maharaj.

Fortunately Shri Ramgopal Bedil has made available through “Agrabhagwat“, a treatise on the life of Agrasen. The treatise which is originally written in Sanskrit was made available through a mysterious way. By reading this treatise we came to know about the Surya dynasty the king Vallabhesh and his vaidarbhite queen Vaidarbhi had a son Agrasen. His story is woven in twenty seven chapters which are interesting as they sheld light on history and geography of India of that time.

There are many wonderful; incidents in the life of Agrasen which made him a great man and hero. Shri Bedilji also has undergone through some mysterious incident regarding the treatise on Agrasen. When he was handed over the treatise by an unknown sage of high spiritual rank, at Brahmkunda in Arunachal Pradesh, The pages of the treatise were in the form of leaves of Bhoj and nothing in words or writing was visible on them. But when the leaves came in contact with water, everything unseen becomes seen.

There are many sacred books in India which are read for the fulfillment of particular wordly and spiritual desires. This treatise also assures about the gains earthly and eternal. I personally Congratulate Shri Bedilji for publishing the biographical treatise of shri Agrasen.

By bringing the treatise in the printing form would enhance the historical importance of Agrasen Maharaj.

— Dr. Pankaj Chande
President, Assocation of Indian Universities (New Delhi)
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya