Founder of Equality: Shri Agrasen

The concept of ” Equality” favor of such inferior social responsibility initiative, the eternal Best from ‘socialism’. ” Equality” is nutrient for Humanity and is the unique and only perfect example of the Universal Public Welfare.

Distinction is whether social, religious, cultural, economic, or humanitarian, Shri Agrasen suppression all differences through his – behaviour and same feeling for everyone. He gave the message of humanity to the whole world.

In this context, the words of Shri Agrasen are visible –

Ānr̥śyansyaṁ parō dharma: Yācyatē yat pradīyatē.

It should be always remembered that what one has given in charity makes him equal to god.”

Kr̥śāya kr̥tavidyāya vr̥ttikṣīṇāya suvrata.
Kriyā niyamitā: Kāryā: Putrairdāraiśca sīdatē.
Ayācamānā: Sarvajñā: Sarvōpāyai: Prayatnata: .
Tē rakṣaṇīyā vivdānsa: Sarvakāmasukhāvahai: .

Those people who are intelligent, but because of bad luck or lack of opportunity cannot earn for the family and so become poor, they don’t beg because of their self respect. Such people are to be helped by the society and the state.

Maharaj Agrasen has asked his sons to help these needy, without the feeling factions of them who being righteous have become the prey of circumstances. They should not be (who are needy feel ashamed in receiving the benefits).

Aparēṣāṁ parēṣāṁ ca parēbhyaścāpi yē parē.
Kastēṣāṁ jīvitēnārthastvāṁ vinā bandhurāśraya: .

“Small or big or those who are bigger than the big and even beyond these, what is after all the purpose of life? It means that small or big, poor or rich if don’t reciprocate, the life has no base.”

In every country and society there are Proportion of money, education and strength some people are mentally weak, some are strong, some are poor, some are rich in their comparisons, few people are strong physically and some are weak basically. Some get opportunity to learn while many don’t get it. In such conditions if there is lack of the system of give and take attitude in the people, life become hell. On the contrary if the give and take attitude is well established in society, the people and state both enjoy the prestigious live in the state of difficulty/calamity also] Agrasen has asked his son to help those need, who being righteous have come the prey of circumstance without the feeling of benefaction so that they (needy) should not feel ashamed in receiving the benefits at all. Prestigious life in the state of calamity and divers conditions also.

Sarvōt’thānāya saśrad’dhaṁ bhrātr̥bhāvēna cāvaha.
Yōgaṁ kṣēmañca manvāna: Gr̥hṇīyustē̕bhimānata: .

If the people of this nature are helped in such a way that they don’t feel humiliated, and be handled in such a way that they should have the feeling of paying their duties towards society and are getting back their dues

Dēyāni vr̥ttikṣīṇāya paurairēkaikaśa: Kramāt.
Gatvā niṣkēṣṭikāṁ dadyu: Janaḥ kuryānnayācanām.

Shri Agrasen said, “O, child! Therefore in this city of Agreya of mine, the person, who is devoid of opportunity for livelihood, will be helped without any appeal by him. All citizens will present him (one rupee and one brick)

To be noted [ At that time when dwaparyag was at the end, golden coin was in vogue, what we call a rupee now. king Agrasen has asked to pay a rupee and a brick. what does it exactly convey in principle?

  1. Those person who cannot ask for anything in donation, should be helped and such persons are to be searched for by society. The fraction of society should have understanding about each other.
  2. The rich people in state should approach this needy person; give some amount to them not as debt but as present. The needy should be paid a rupee and a brick. So that both of them will not have a feeling of donor and the receiver.

Ēṣa tē vitataṁ vatsa sarvabhūtakuṭumbakam.
Viśiṣṭa: Sarvayajñānāṁ nityamatra pravartatām.

Shri Agrasen said, “O, child! In this way developing equality feeling like a family in the society will develope humanity which is more valuable than hundreds of yagdyna (sacrifices). You all sons of mine should keep this karmayagdnya (campaign) in expanding motion – should continue throughout your life.

Request: – This programmed to call as ‘Benefaction Programme can establish equality and brotherhood so that the society can flourish. One should not interpret this campaign like the socialism or communism so but try to understand the deep feeling and responsibility toward society Agrasen had in mind. By the application of the campaign by Agrasen, there arose a since of public, responsibility in his countrymen. There gradually developed the concept of “Vasudhaieva Kutumbakam” the whole universe is a family.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’