Sentiment of Mystics 2

Many people have experienced the unique glory of this epic

— Dourbalya Prabhakar Sharma

The treatise will prove to be a blessing of goddess mahalakshmi and also would help to up life the mankind

Yadakṣaraṁ padaṁ vākyaṁ pramāṇaṁ prēraṇaṁ param.
Hitārthaṁ ahitārthānāṁ hānaṁ sanskr̥tirakṣaṇam.
Tadakṣaraṁ padaṁ vākyaṁ pramāṇaṁ prēraṇaṁ param.
Sanskr̥taṁ bhūṣaṇaṁ vācāṁ namāmō dēvabhāṣaṇam.

Whatever is written here in the form of a word, sentence may be beneficial and welfare of the entire universe, and destroyer of harm that is supposed to protect the lives and culture, with absolute terms and statements for human culture is authentic and great inspiration posts. Though it seems to be contradictory written in the Godly Sanskrit language called as Deovani is full of guiding principle of eternal law.. I salute to this mythology.

Agrasēnasya caritam avāṅmānasagōcaram.
Pāpāpahaṁ guṇādhānaṁ pāvanaṁ gāṅagatōyavat.

This Holy character of Shri Agrasen, is for psyche unmarked (unknowable), beyond understanding, the destroyer of all sins habits, and With divine property and like the sacred and holy water (Gangajal) it is worthy of making to be pious with the to holy deeds.

Agrasēnasya caritaṁ sarvamānava sādhanam.
Paṭhanīya pāṭhanīyaṁ suprakāśyātmaśōdhanam.

So, The biography of Shri Agrasen is the perfect instrument for the Silence of the great human religion; Every person may do himself-refinement in this divine light, can achieve divinity, By reading listeners leads the reader and the listeners to self realization .Hence, the sacred character of Shri Agrasen is deserves teaching and learning.

Agrasēnasya caritam bhūrjapatrōpapāditam.
Rāmagōpālasandraṣṭaṁ guruṇā suprasāditam.

This holy character of Shri Agrasen is written on the leaves of Bhoj,(hammered on oldest Bhurgptron). The divine knowledge of that Sonnets, Sri Ram Gopal, have again appeared in the form of Rishi (viewer of text) with the Great grace of his supreme teacher the ‘Sadguru’.

Bēdilō rāmagōpālaḥ kr̥pālugurulālitaḥ.
Agrōpākhyānasandraṣṭā sākṣī lōkahitādaraḥ.

Flourished with infinite grace of Ultimate indulgent GURU (master).

Sir Shri Ram Gopal who is also famous with the nickname ‘Bedilji’, is the witness of the divine wisdom of Scripture Agropakyanm and are doing to humbly reveal in public interest and published this treatise for spiritual uplift of the public.

Śradhdālavaḥ samāyātāḥ agrasēnānuyāyinaḥ.
Bhavantaśca bhavatyaśca vandyā mē bhūridāyināḥ.

For those who follow the ideals of Sri Agrasen, was always Pray this legend. Are worship this legend and they will always Pray this legend. The preachers of this divine light into the world, I’d Vandana.

— Shri Dourbalya Prabhakar Sharma (Shatawadhani)
President, East Andra Pradesh
National Executive member, Sanskrit Bharati