International Sanskrit Conference 2


       University is ready for submission of the academic dignity of this text

– Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Pankaj Chande

In Nagpur three days International Sanskrit Conference was held by Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University. From German, Netherlands, France, Nepal and other countries, more than 750 delegates participated in discussions in Conference, Discussion – session held on ‘Sri Agra Bhagavatam’ chaired by Dr. Rambhau Pujari (President, Sanskrit Bharati Vidarbha). Shri Ramgopal Ji ‘Bedil’ was, especially presented in this program.

On this occasion, Dr. Pankaj Chande Chancellor, Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, said that- It is a glorious chapter of the International Sanskrit Conference Maharishi Jaimini written an ancient manuscript collection of human philosophy called “Agropakyanam” which is under Sri Ramgopalji ‘Bedil’. In the conference brought myriad scholars seen the miracles of oriental treatise by itself, and they all are too surprised to see the characters emerge of of oriental treatise in Water.

This is the wonderful treatise of India embellished by the name of Shri Agrasen Maharaj. The university is to prepare to insert the subjects of this texts in the course, for studied by scholars, teaching and kirtans.In his statement, Dr. Chande also said that- University to conduct research on this texts will support all kinds. This one is the nation’s heritage. University is always ready for submission academic dignity of this treatise.