In the courtyard of the mighty potential: Shri Agrasen

At the time of ‘Mahabharat’ Shri Agrasen was child, of just sixteen year old. Pandawas, was cheated and defeated. So for, Pandawas consumated the twelve years forest living and have become free from the bond, have become eligible to get back the legitimate, overseer right on their kingdom inherited from their forefathers. But in spite of the suggestion of Grandfather Bhishma, Vidura and Lord Shri Krishna also, Kourawas are not ready to hand over their kingdom to Pandawas. So, for the justice war become necessary.

Pandawas’ envoy invited also Maharaja Vallabhsen in favor remembering his father Vrahatsen’s friendship with Pandu, for the victory of Pandawas. Maharaja Vallabhsen warmly receiving the envoy. Brave Prince Agrasen, Spoke about to fight on the battlefield. Then shri Agrasen said –

Maharaja Vallabhsen said, “O child! Agrasen! It is against the religion and rules of court for you to fight.”

Satyadharmābhirakṣārthaṁ putra gaccha mamājñayā.

Queen Bhagawati embraced her son and permitted to participate in this war fought for religion and for the protection of truth. Mother Vidarbhanandini gave the above given message understanding the attitude of Agrasen.

Satyārthē dharmakāmārthē tvayāsmyagra saputrikā

She guides him to follow righteousness and conscience. She blessed him with well – wishing, saying “come back successful”.

Shri Agrasen also went to the battlefield of Mahabharta with his father and the army. On the tenth day, there started a war between grandfather Bhishma and Pandawas. At that time King Vallabhsen was seriously wounded by the arrows from Bhishma. His body covered with profusely flowing, blood encouraged the fighting warriors.

That great war Mahabharat was finished ultimately. In this way after taking leave, remaining kings and princes, Maharaja Yudhishthira praised Agrasen and said –

Kumārasyāgrasēnasya yud’dhē̕paśyaṁ mahabdalam
Piturvadhēna santaptō̕pyahanśca śataśō̕pyarīn.

“I have seen the war-skill of Agrasen on the battlefield. Mahabharta (his strength, skill fighting and morals, all) when the wrath was ruling his mind, due to the death of his father, even then he spared the life of those warrior praying for mercy and did not attack hundreds of unarmed soldiers. Agrasen is a Darmaveer (a true follower of justified war face) in real sense.”

Kr̥pāviṣṭēna manasā yud’dhakṣētragatō̕pyasau
Agrasēnastvayaṁ dhan’yō yēnātmavijaya: Kr̥ta:.

Literally virtually of Shri Agrasen in real sense their spare capacity exponent. Capacity is only sacred beings in the heart of mere sense of love is present, so Dharmaraja Yudhisthira praised the ability of Shri Agrasen.

Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s good wishes (Ashirwcnon) and filled with love of the Pandavas, the teen-ager Shri Agrasen rich in potential power capacity shown in the courtyard of the human being, as an ideal spill will burn forever.

Every step of the Ideal real life of Shri Agrasen, exist a number of examples and guidelines for human being.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’