Coordinator of conflicting cultures: Shri Agrasen

It is Historical truth, that the culture of Vaishnav’s (Aryan) and Shaiva’s (Naga) are conflicting. Human History always has been tarnished due to communal malevolence and fierce opposites and bloodshed misconduct. Nagraja Mahidhar kept the animosity with Vaishnavas. He believed that –

Yathā puṣkarapatrēṣu patitāstōyabindava: .
Tathā na ślēṣamicchanti jñātaya: Svēṣu sauhr̥dam.

Nagraj Mahidhar had disgraceful jealous for the vaishnav’s as besides he was thinking that Vaishnav’s are also have malice about Nagas (Shaivyas) Even the carries of them hate each other. The Nagas of shaivyas and eagle of Vishnu are the strong enemies.

“As the water fallen on lotus. Leaves does not last long, similarly you people cannot keep / maintain friendship for a long period.” He speaks always charlatan’s defects of the Vaishnav’s. He belief that-

Hr̥ṣyanti vyasanēṣvētē jñātīnāṁ jñātaya: Sadā.
Nāgakan’yāṁ prārthayānastvaṁ nāpyāmakr̥tātmabhiḥ.

“I know your clan, the people enjoy themselves when the other member of clan/ race to fallen in danger.The mind of Vaishnav’s in impure. They are not righteous people. The marriage with nagkanya is totaly impossible.

Animosities idea of the king Nagraja was the towards Aryans, So for he had decided to marry his daughter Madhavi with Devraj Indra. Due to tradition of the snake kingdom used to the bride select manually groom. It the tradition of nagas / Nagloka that maiden girls can choose their husbands through the custom of swayamvar? (Having freedom to marry a man of their choice) Nagraja’s daughter Madhavi has accepted that vaishnav’s youth as her husband. (She disliked the Deoraj Indra since long)

The beauty of Agrasen (external physical lookout and the internal humanity) had a fascinating effect on the heart of the young princes. In this context statement of Maharishi Jaimini is visible –

Yuvā matimatāṁ śrēṣṭhō jñānavijñānakōvida: .
Sarvānēva nijagrāha cakāra niruttaram.

Maharishi Jaimini said & Agrasen thought was younger in that court of King Mahidhar, he was intellectually superior to the other members as he was proficient in knowledge and science. Through this effective discussion he silenced all the members of the court Rajyasabha.

The superhuman Shri Agrasen Has presented, the unique example; to coordinate conflicting cultures; became the driving force of the communal harmony.

Two different cultures Of–Unique composite union like Ganga-Yamuna beacome the union of two different cultures ‘ Agra-madhavi’ interesting wedding themes are visible –

Vargāvubhau nāganarādhipānāṁ vdārē̕pidhānē hyubhayapradēśāt.
Samīyaturvdāvapi bhinnavēṣau bhannaikasētū payasāmivōghau.

When Naga and Nar (Arya), two races and two different dynasties reached the decorated entrance gate of the capital, it looked as if two streams of rivers, which had beam diverted water breaking of the bridge, were meeting again.

Vaivāhikē kautuka sanvidhānē vargāvubhau nāganarādhipānāy.
Ēkīkr̥tau sānumatō̕nurāgādastāntarāvēka kulōpamēyam.21.

The Nagas and Naras were meeting in such a way on the occasion of the marriage that all doubts and prejudices had vanished. It seemed that they belonged to one dynasty.

To keep alive the memory of a pleasant meeting of two cultures, two civilizations, the king of the snake kingdom of the seven realms floor (state) so he felt that among the seven talas (portion of the land) of which he was the King (tal, atal, vital, sutal, taltal, rasatal and patal) he should offer one to Agrasen.

Deciding so, he declared in the presence of Nag senapatis.-

Agrasya nāmnā bhāṣēran imaṁ lōkaṁ talōttamam.

Nagraj Mahidhara said- “The best state of Nagraj from today it will be the ‘Tal’ will be owned by Agrasen and from today it will be called by the name of the Shri Agrasen here after. I declare it.”

Susanskr̥tēbhya: Sarvēbhya: Ramaṇīyō bhaviṣyati.
Idamagratalaṁ nāmnā triṣu lōkēṣu viśrutam.

“The union of two races (Shaivya and Vaishnav’s) will be at the centre of Tal (state) which will be hence forth called ‘Agratala” in three races. Deolok, Naglok and Manvlok.”

Sarvaratnākaravatī sarvakāmaphaladrumā.
Sarvāśramādhivāsā sā̕gratalākhya guṇairyutā.

“The city which will be constructed on this land will be the precious as jewels. The plants developed there will be fulfilling all desires, of those who take shelter beneath them. They will give many fruits. People from all ashrams will reside here in this land. This city will be the best one offering peace and contentment.”

Symbol of cultural coordination the wedding venue of Shri Agrasen-” The Agartala”. In present Agartala is still present as the is the capital of Tripura. (A state of India)

This Historic effort of the cultural harmony of Shri Agrasen Presented as a new philosophy to Vaishnav’s and Shaiva cultures and ideas. Which is unique in all the world’s different philosophies? Today’s toxic environment plagued by sectarian and fanatical, Cultural harmony of Shri Agrasen is the world’s most relevant and guides.

© Ramgopal ‘Bedil’