The treatise will prove to be a blessing of goddess Mahalakshmi and also would help to up life the mankind

—Shri Dourbal Prabhakar Sharma


Shri Ramgoplji ‘Bedil’ was honored by the merciful glance of the goddess Mahalakshmi that is the Agrabhagavatam

Shri Ramgoplji, Known as ‘Bedil’ was honored by the merciful glance of the godess mahalakshmi when a non wordly sage handed him the treatise written of Bhoj leaves. It was a treatise named ‘Jaybharat’ composed by Maharshi Jaimini. It happened when shri bedil had gone to Brahmakund in Arunachal Pradesh with his friend.

When he opened the treatise, he found that all Bhoj leaves were blank. What was to be done with them was the first question, that emerged in his mind and he got puzzled and deeply distressed.

By the grace of god, the tears shed by his eyes due to disappointment fell on the Bhoj leaf, and he could see some alphabets on it, which formed sentence or verse as the tears, water flew. There after Shri Bedil applied pure water drop by drop on the leaves and he could see the words, which he copied in a notebook. He carried on the laborious work for nineteen years. In this way the Biography of Agrasen called as “Shrimad Agrabhagwat was discovered.

The letter on the Bhoj leaves remain invisible when they are dry, and become visible when they become moistly, but if heavily moisturized the leaves get destroyed. Somehow Shri Bedil knew the rightful way and reproduces the treatise.

It was also observed that the water droplets from the bhoj leaves, when come down, have some medicine value.

Shri Bedilji read the treatise, reproduced the whole writing on it, and got it rewritten also.

There are many stories and Fables of did acetic values in this treatise. The wisdom of truth is not at all concerned to any one race or cult bit it is the moral dictum for all, from all and also it is worthy to be followed up for all time s for the humanity as a whole.

The original treatise was thus made available through the grace of goddess Malalakshmi, to the public. The treatise will prove to be a blessing of goddess and also would help to up life the mankind, I hope.

— DourbalPrabhakarSharma
President East Andhra Pradesh
National Executive Committee Member
Sanskrit Bharati