The Shripeeth

(World with Natural Energy)


Shri Agrasen was established ‘Shripeeth’ in the mid of his kingdom, Where around the clock by the master of the Vedas and distinguished scholars had worshiped Mahalaxmi.

Puraṁ madhyē vardhamānaṁ śrīpīṭhē ratnasanskr̥tē.

Ārādhyatē hyahōrātraṁ vdijā vēdavidāṁ varā:

The impact of time lost their deed State.

Agravishwa Trust has resolved to establish ‘Shripeeth’ for natural energy as conforming to Shri Agrasen was established. Today there is a need in this era, the natural energy of ‘Shripeeth’, will be of course, Welfare of the universe.

On the one hand in Shriyntra we may see the highly developed the vision of science and philosophy in ancient India. On the other hand also reaffirmed the importance of the Indian architecture. Additionally, using the abracadabra (Mantrik) Indian spirituality is pleased to receive welfare Energy.

The religious practices this Experiment in scientific format, will be certainly unique in itself, amazing and provide pleasure.

In our scriptures Face, esoteric mysterious disciplines with scientific experiments to masses accessible and deprived of the benefits of the spiritual and Blissful life to the world It is a Principal organ of the importance of undertaking Agravishwa Trust.