Mission and Vision of Agravishwa Trust

Aims and objects of Agravishwa Trust is the sect, opinion, race, language, region, devoid of differences relating to identical and organized the various components of society, and by giving them the knowledge of the glory of its past greatness of service, sacrifice, faith, love, affinity, capacity, tenderness, waking consciousness parity for reconstruction of the world to develop the non-political, will public welfare social organization.

For that –

  1. Downright unavailable elsewhere supernatural and mythological texts- ‘Agra-Upanayanam’. to make proper arrangements for the view visit of the public, for extensive research on text the proper systems of incoming scholars and social workers to from abroad and In view of its mythological significance for its adequate protection and security arrangements, for that building- ‘Agravishwa-Gyanpeeth’ as its managing and developing the pilgrimage to arrange and conduct.
  2. The ideal life and deeds, culture, civilization and philosophy of Shri Agrasen to the world to be published in various languages by ‘Agravishwa-Gyanpeeth’ for the benefit of mankind, and distributed to general public and in India and foreign countries through the branches to make arrangements are establish learning and study centers, Systematize of teaching and Prizing and honoring students and workers
  3. For the mitigation of disruptive trends towards differences related to resulting from creed, opinion, race, language, region, waking consciousness consistent with the life path of Shri Agrasen.
  4. To the knowledge of the greatness of its past glory and to raise awareness to confirm his conduct.
  5. Waking consciousness to the making of new world, developing in human being. the values, service, sacrifice, faith, love, intimacy, competence, love, equality.
  6. According equality vision of Shri Agrasen, helpless and weak components of the society while preserving their self-respect for life, to try again they lives with total development.
  7. To do all work of public welfare through the Trust.